Marathon (2005), (DVDrip)

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    Also know as: Running Boy
    Language: Korean
    Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)
    Release Date: 2005
    Genre: Drama
    Based on the true story of Bae Hyeong-jin, an autistic runner, Marathon is an award-winning human drama about an autistic boy, Cho Won, and his co-dependent relationship with his mother. The mother is so frustrated by the fact that Cho Won isn’t normal, that one day in his young life, she tries to lose him at an outing to the zoo. She’s guilt-ridden at her own insensitive actions and when she finds him again, she vows to always protect him and stay by his side. As he grows up, she becomes extremely overprotective of him. She feels like it’s them against the world and she defends him mercilessly against anyone who dares to insult him. Their lives become so intertwined, that she can’t live without him, and he can’t live without her. One day, the mother realizes that Cho Won has a talent for running, so she sets a goal for him to run the Chuncheon Marathon.
    In order for him to reach this goal, he needs someone to coach him. She finds a man who used to be a professional marathon runner on the Korean circuit. Unfortunately, his glory days are long gone, and he has now turned into an irresponsible alcoholic. This doesn’t stop the mother from begging him to coach her son. He reluctantly agrees and important relationships develop between the three characters. Their efforts send them on an emotional rollercoaster and eventually the mother realizes she has to let her son lead his own life.
    The son is played by actor Jo Seung-Woo and he does an amazing portrayal of someone sufferning from autism. Some people may think autists are mentally insane, but they just can't express themselves the way they want to. This movie heightens the audience's awareness of the disease. Marathon is a refreshing change from all the typical Korean movies out there about gangsters and macho men. It's a true story about love, relationships and succeeding against all odds.
    Jo Seung-woo as Cho-won
    Kim Mi-sook as Cho-won's mother (Kyeong-sook)
    Lee Ki-young as Jung-wook
    Baek Seong-hyeon as Yun Jung-won
    Ahn Nae-sang as Cho-won's father


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