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    Master of the Flying Guillotine aka "One-Armed Boxer 2" and "The One Armed Boxer Vs. the Flying Guillotine".

    The Plot:
    Fung Sheng Wu Chi lives alone in the mountains of China. He is one of the Ching Dynasty's deadliest assassins, a monk trained to use the flying guillotine. He satisfies himself with practicing his kung fu until a pigeon brings him a small clay tile with a message from his two disciples. The students were on the trail of a dangerous Ming revolutionary; due to his skill, the disciples were concerned that he might defeat them. As insurance, they baked the clay tile and imprinted it with an impressive amount of information. However, the gist of the message is, "If you read this, we are dead." As these things go, Fung Sheng does not take the news well. He pulls out his flying guillotine, destroys several things with it (including a chicken), and then burns his house down. Following that, the wrathful monk sets out to find and kill the One-Armed Boxer.

    The Characters:

    The One-Armed Boxer:
    He often utilizes his head, as well as his very effective single fist, to defeat opponents. Notice that odd bulge around his torso...
    Wu Chang Sheng:
    Master of a martial arts school and a victim of the flying guillotine.
    Wu Shao Tieh:
    She can punch your clothes off with her Eagle Claw kung fu. While that sounds promising, it also appears to be painful, so potential husbands had best beware.
    He has a knife! He also has a sucking chest wound.
    Yoga Tro La Seng:
    It appears that yoga was originally developed as a form of martial arts and this guy is a master. He is known for hurling owls (yes, you read that right) at his opponents. Cracked and broken by the One-Armed Boxer.
    Nai Men:
    A Thai kickboxer who does a little jig before each fight. Since his ritual is done to music, but an instrument is usually not visible, I am hesitant to ask where the sound is coming from. Fried up, then crushed by a single punch from the One-Armed Boxer.
    Fung Sheng Wu Chi:
    The blind "Master of the Flying Guillotine" himself. Poultry-hating arsonist with echolocation eyebrows. His reign of terror is ended by several hatchets and a well-placed fist.

    Audio.........: Mandarin
    Subtitles.....: English
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