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    Mastering EDM With Ozone 6
    WEBRip | MP4/AVC, ~785 kb/s | 1280 x 720 | English: AAC, 72.0 kb/s (2 ch), 44.1 KHz | 923MB
    Genre: Music / Production | Language: English | +Project Files​
    Get your tracks sounding loud, clean, punchy and incredible with Ozone 6s amazing suite of mastering plugins

    Mastering electronic music is not easy. In fact, its downright hard as hell. Getting your tracks to sound loud, punchy, rich, full and clean all at the same time can have you pulling your hair out in no-time or worse, abandoning a project altogether.
    Luckily, there are so many mastering plugins and tools out there designed to make our lives easier when it comes to mastering our EDM tracks. One of the best plugins to master your tracks is Izotope Ozone. It comes packed with features to help you glue your mix, balance frequencies, add richness and character and get your tracks sounding as loud and proud as the big boys.

    In this 2.5 hour course, Ill take you through each of Ozone 6s modules and dive deep into the techniques you need to create incredible sounding masters for any electronic piece you produce. This is a tell-all course that will teach you exactly how i and other mastering engineers work to transform less than perfect mixdowns into polished masters ready for the world to enjoy.

    Youll be learning things like:
    - EQ techniques for a cleaner mix, tighter bottom end, and a top end that sparkles
    - Multiband compression for a more balanced track that plays well on any system
    - Stereo imaging that will result in a wider, richer master that translates well on different systems
    - Using distortion and saturation for extra richness and character
    - How to get your tracks loud without distorion
    - PLUS: a bonus technique that few, if any engineers or producers will admit they use or tell you about. ILL TELL YOU ABOUT IT!

    Whether youre new to Ozone or have been using it for years, this course is guaranteed to tach you something new with a fresh approach to mastering your own tracks, or even other peoples tracks.

    You also get to be in direct contact with me at any time and have lifetime access to the course once you enrol. You can ask questions, post comments and start discussions with myself and other students in the course.
    Whether you produce house, trance, deep house, trap or anything in between, theres something in this course for you. And dont worry if you own a different version of Ozone. you can use the techniques in this course for any previous or newer version of Izotope Ozone!
    So if youre looking to upgrade your knowledge of audio mastering, sharpen your mastering skills or dip your feet in the world of mastering for the first time, this course is exactly what youre looking for.

    What are the requirements?
    - Make sure your mixdown is as good as its going to get and that you did your very best mixing your track.

    What am I going to get from this course?
    - Over 24 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    - Apply EQ for a clean, balanced master
    - Use multiband compression to add extra power and punch
    - Utilize distortion for extra thickness and more upfront top end
    - Correctly use stereo imaging for a wider, richer sound
    - Make your tracks louder with smarter limiting plus a bonus secret technique

    What is the target audience?
    - This course is for electronic music producers who use or would like to use Izotope Ozone to master their own tracks to sound better, louder, cleaner and more professional. This course is not for producers who use native or other 3rd party plugins other than Izotope Ozone.

    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Project Setup & Preparation 03:17
    Prepare yourself and your project for the mastering journey.

    Lecture 2 Listening & Taking Notes 05:20
    Listen to the song all the way through and take notes so you have a clear vision of the mastering process.

    Section 2: Stereo Imaging
    Lecture 3 Setting Frequency Cross Over Points 09:00
    Lecture 4 Adjusting Stereo Width For Each Frequency Band 08:12
    Section 3: Equalization
    Lecture 5 Taking Care of the Sub-Bass Frequencies 05:03
    Lecture 6 Removing and Smoothing Out Mid-Range Harshness 04:43
    Lecture 7 Cleaning Up The Bottom End - Low Frequencies 06:38
    Lecture 8 Adding Brightness And Sparkle - The Top End 08:11
    Lecture 9 Cleaning Up Muddiness With Mid/Side EQ 07:19
    Section 4: Multiband Dynamics
    Lecture 10 Low Frequency Dynamics 11:19
    Lecture 11 Low Mid-Frequency Dynamics 05:41
    Lecture 12 Mid Frequency Dynamics 06:36
    Lecture 13 High Frequency Dynamics 06:34
    Lecture 14 A/B Check 1 02:03
    Section 5: Saturation & Distortion
    Lecture 15 Low Frequencies 06:42
    Lecture 16 Low-Mid Frequencies 01:44
    Lecture 17 Mid Frequencies 01:41
    Lecture 18 High Frequencies 03:59
    Lecture 19 A/B Check 2 and Making Tweaks 12:28
    Section 6: Peak Compression
    Lecture 20 Peak Compression 06:43
    Lecture 21 A BONUS Secret Weapon For Maximum Loudness With Minimum Distortion 07:38
    Lecture 22 Limiting 09:45
    Section 7: Finishing Touches
    Lecture 23 Dithering 03:10
    Lecture 24 Final Song Listening 06:30

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