Math Tutor DVD - The TI 89 Calculator Tutor: Volume 1

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    Math Tutor DVD - The TI 89 Calculator Tutor: Volume 1

    Math Tutor DVD - The TI-89 Calculator Tutor: Volume 1
    English | AVI | XviD 720x544 @ 551Kbps 25fps | AC3 @ 48KHz | Duration: 8 Hours | 1.98 GB
    Genre: eLearning
    The TI-89 Calculator is the flagship calculator from Texas Insruments that can handle many advanced math functions that are used in science, engineering, and high school AP classes. Unfortunately, the calculator itself can be difficult to use if the student doesn't take the time to learn the functions.

    This DVD set will teach the student how to use the algebra and graphing of the TI-89 using step-by-step video examples. This way, the student learns by doing rather than a dry manual.

    Total DVD Run Time: 8 Hours
    Disk 1
    Section 1: Overview of the Calculator
    Section 2: The Mode Menu
    Section 3: The Catalog and Math Menu
    Section 4: Basic Arithmetic and Exponents
    Section 5: Calculating with Fractions
    Section 6: Logarithms and Square Roots
    Section 7: Sin, Cos, Tan, and other Trig Functions
    Section 8: Storing and Using Variables
    Section 9: User Defined Algebraic Functions

    Disk 2
    Section 10: Using the Algebraic Equation Solver
    Section 11: Using the Numeric Equation Solver
    Section 12: Solving Systems of Equations
    Section 13: Solving Trigonometric Equations
    Section 14: Adding Rational Expressions and Partial Fractions Expansion
    Section 15: Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials
    Section 16: Factoring Polynomials
    Section 17: Converting Between Degrees and Radians
    Section 18: Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
    Section 19: Working with Complex Numbers
    Section 20: Graphing Functions
    Section 21: Setting Graph Styles and Shading

    Disk 3
    Section 22: Graphing Piecewise-Defined Functions
    Section 23: Graphing Trigonometric Functions
    Section 24: Graphing in Split Screen Mode
    Section 25: Saving and Recalling Graphs
    Section 26: Graph Zoom Modes and Tracing
    Section 27: Creating a Table of Values of a Function
    Section 28: Finding the Value of a Function in Graph Mode
    Section 29: Finding Zeros of Functions in Graph Mode
    Section 30: Finding Max and Min of a Function in Graph Mode
    Section 31: Finding Intersection Points in Graph Mode
    Section 32: Finding the Derivative and Tangent Line in Graph Mode
    Section 33: Calculating the Definite Integral in Graph Mode
    Section 34: Finding Inflection Points in Graph Mode
    Section 35: Finding Distance Between Two Points in Graph Mode
    Section 36: Finding the Arc Length in Graph Mode



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