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    MathWorks MATLAB R2015b x86/x64 | 6.7 Gb | 7.43 GB
    The MathWorks, provider of MATLAB software, has announced the release of its latest version of Matlab - R2015b. In addition to new features in MATLAB and Simulink, R2015b includes updates and bug fixes to 83 other products.

    MATLAB Product Family
    MATLAB updates include:
    - New execution engine that runs MATLAB code faster
    - Graph and directed graph functions for creating, analyzing, and visualizing graphs and networks
    - Add-On Explorer a single interface for adding community-authored and MathWorks toolboxes, apps, functions, models, and hardware support
    - Hardware support for iOS sensors, Raspberry Pi 2, and BeagleBone Black

    - MATLAB Compiler SDK: Deployable MATLAB components for integration with applications written in Python
    - Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox: SVR (support vector regression) and Gaussian processes (Kriging) for fitting models, PCA feature transformation in the Classification Learner app, and GPU acceleration of 65 functions
    - Parallel Computing Toolbox: GPU acceleration for functions in Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox including probability distributions, descriptive statistics, and hypothesis testing; and additional MATLAB functions
    - Image Processing Toolbox: Gabor and box filtering, C code generation for 20 functions with MATLAB Coder, and improved grayscale morphology and filtering performance
    - Computer Vision System Toolbox:? 3-D point cloud processing, including geometric shape fitting, normal vector estimation and visualization
    - Database Toolbox: Faster database read and write
    - Control System Toolbox: 2-DOF PID controller tuning
    - Robust Control Toolbox: Robust tuning with systune and the Control System Tuner app for automatically tuning robust controllers for plants with uncertain parameters

    Simulink Product Family
    Simulink updates include:
    - New UI in scopes for viewing and debugging signals with cursors and measurements
    - Referenced projects for creating reusable components and simplifying large modeling projects
    - Always-on tuning of block parameters and workspace variables during simulation
    - Multilingual block names, signal names, and MATLAB Function comments?? for use across Simulink, Stateflow and Simulink Coder

    - Stateflow: Messages new objects that carry data and that can be queued
    - Simscape: Two-Phase Fluid block library and simulation speed improvements for switched-linear systems
    - Simulink Design Optimization: Faster parameter estimation and response optimization with Simulink Fast Restart

    Signal Processing and Communications
    - Antenna Toolbox: Analysis of infinite arrays and visualization of E-H fields
    - LTE System Toolbox: Release 12 downlink 256 QAM modulation for small cells, Release 11 multicell zero power CSI-RS patterns, and enhanced waveform generation

    Code Generation
    - MATLAB Coder: C code generation for cell arrays
    - Embedded Coder: Quick configuration of models to generate efficient, reusable code
    - HDL Coder: Run-time hardware parameter tuning for Xilinx Zynq and Altera SoC FPGA using the AXI4 interface
    - Simulink PLC Coder: Code generation for Siemens TIA Portal IDE, and support for global variables in Siemens TIA Portal and STEP 7 IDEs

    Verification and Validation
    - Simulink Design Verifier: C code S-function analysis and Model Advisor run-time error checks
    - Simulink Test: Creation of test cases with inputs generated by Simulink Design Verifier, and tool qualification with DO Qualification Kit and IEC Certification Kit
    - Polyspace Bug Finder: Security checks to detect code vulnerabilities, and on-the-fly display of results

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