MaxSeav (S57) 549 WORLD [2012, ENG]

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    MaxSeav (S57) 549 WORLD [2012, ENG] | 2.8GB
    For MaxSea, dKart and et.

    As part of distribution is Max sea MaxSeav12.6.4.1 + map CM 93 v 549 Ed3

    Extras. Information:
    IF YOU HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED MAXSEA, before installing Delete old VERSION MAX SEA 10.3.5 and clean the registry (otherwise do not run the new version and the old will not work)

    A. Set distributors Max sea (it is in the hand, but you can download off. Site distributors of office. Site
    Two. Set Maxsea in the standard configuration. Do not choose not to use CM93 run MaxSea
    Three. (This paragraph only applies if you have had a previous version of MaxSea) Run MaxSeav12.6.4.1 \ Tools \ C_Map_Drivers \ C-MAP RTE_Etoken \ CMapRTE.msi (say no when prompted to install etoken, refuse to enter the license number, interrupt the installation)
    4. Run C: \ Program Files \ CM93_Ed3 and run AdminRegister, overwrite the old license
    Five. "Cured" file "LicStore.dll" copy C: \ Program files \ CM93_Ed3 & S57 \ System (or C: \ Program files \ I & M \ MaxSea \ CM93_Ed3 & S57 \ System, etc), and download it from http:/ / (but you can not swing it, he is in the distribution)
    6. Run C: \ Program Files \ CM93_Ed3 \ System \ GDBAdmin.exe and register base
    7. Run C: \ Program Files \ CM93_Ed3 \ System \ LicenseAdm.exe create a new license. Choose Zone 0 using one of the keys
    (If you get out what your license will be 2 months, then try to change randomly, with each letter and number, until you get the license)
    9. Run C: \ Program Files \ CM93_Ed3 \ CMapRTE.msi mode repair (say no when prompted to install etoken and the new license.)
    10. Install the emulator key for your version of MaxSea windose
    11. Run Maxsea
    ps After updating maps - repeat steps 9.4
    p / s if the Max sea starts with the framework Instead of the cards, then you have not registered license back to item number 7
    If the ps2 climbs required to register, via telephone Inet, etc., means:
    A. You did not install an emulator for your version of windose.

    Developer: C-Map
    Web Developer:
    Language: English
    Medicine: Present
    System Requirements: P-4




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