Maysa - Discography - 1995 - 2011

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    Maysa - Discography - 1995 - 2011


    Maysa - Discography - 1995 - 2011
    FLAC, Lossless | Soul / Funk / Jazz + Headz / Electronica | 3,28 Gb

    Maysa (1995)
    2.What About Our Love?
    3.Black Heaven
    5.More Than You Know
    6.Can We Change the World?
    7.Goodbye Manhattan
    9.Let It Go
    10.Alone at Last
    11.Rain Drops
    12.Peace of Mind
    14.Shelley Estt Bellee
    All My Life (2000)
    1.Got to Be Strong
    3.The Bottle
    4.Aria de la Mia Vita
    5.All My Life
    8.Blue Light
    9.Shadows and the Light
    10.Hooked on Your Love
    11.Earth Child
    Out of the Blue (2002)
    1.Friendly Pressure
    2.Out of the Blue
    3.Spirit (Interlude)
    4.Head to the Sky
    5.Simple Life
    6.Right Here Right Now
    7.MSDF (Interlude)
    8.Mr. So Damn Fine (written by Maysa Leak and Kimberly Brewer)
    9.I Want You (Interlude)
    10.Blue Horizon
    13.Tailor Made Love (written by Robbie Nevil and Kimberly Brewer)
    14.If It's Love
    15.Thank You (Interlude)
    16.Family Affair
    Smooth Sailing (2004)
    1.Hypnotic Love
    2.Smooth Sailing
    3.Soul Child
    4.Scat World
    5.Where Do You Go?
    6.So Very Hot
    7.All Day Long
    8.Time for Love
    9.Where Have You Been?
    10.One More Chance
    Sweet Classic Soul (2006)
    1.Wishing on a Star
    2.Don't Say Goodnight (It's Time for Love)
    3.All I Do
    4.Love Won't Let Me Wait
    5.Come Go With Me
    6.Betcha by Golly, Wow
    7.Playing Your Game, Baby
    8.Love Comes Easy
    9.Any Love
    10.The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)
    Feel the Fire (2007)
    1.I Can't Help It
    2.You Are My Starship
    3.Happy Feeling
    4.I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
    5.Feel The Fire
    7.Send For Me
    8.I'm In Love
    9.This Time I'll Be Sweeter
    10.Ain't No Sunshine
    Metamorphosis (2008)
    2.My Destiny
    3.Never Really Ever
    4.Let's Figure It Out (A Song for Bluey)
    5.I Need a Man
    6.Higher Love
    7.Take Me Away
    8.Happy Feelings
    9.Love So True
    10.Walk Away
    12.A Conversation with the Universe
    A Woman in Love (2010)
    1.Am I Wrong (For Lovin You)
    2.Love Theory (ft Will Downing)
    3.Round Midnight
    4.Spend Some Time
    5.What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
    6.Woman in Love
    7.The Lady in My Life
    8.Willow Weep for Me
    9.Honey Bee
    10.I Put a Spell on You
    11.When I Fall in Love
    Motions of Love (2011)
    1.Get Wit Me
    2.Come Dance With Me
    3.Day N Night
    4.Flower Girl (feat. Dwele)
    5.Have Sweet Dreams (written by Stevie Wonder and Kimberly Brewer)
    6.Motions Of Love
    7.You Won't Find Your Way
    8.When It's Over
    9.Love Sweet Love (LSL)
    10.Hold On
    11.I Try
    12.When It's Over (Reprise)
    13.Your Name's Not On The List
    14.Special Place
    Live at the Birchmere (2011)
    1.Maysa Live 2010 Opening
    2.A Woman In Love
    3.Let's Figure It Out / The Bottle
    4.Hooked On Your Love
    6.Hypnotic Love
    7.What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
    8.Round Midnight
    9.I Put A Spell On You
    11.Never Really Ever
    13.Out Of The Blue
    14.Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
    15.What About Your Love
    16.Soul Child
    17.Can We Change The World
    18.You Are My Starship
    19.Mr. So Damn Fine
    Maysa - The Very Best Of Maysa - 2011 (VBR)
    1. The Bottle (7:27)
    2. Smooth Sailing (4:55)
    3. Friendly Pressure (4:59)
    4. Out Of The Blue (5:29)
    5. All Of My Life (4:03)
    6. Got To Be Strong (4:13)
    7. Simple Life (4:10)
    8. Head To The Sky (5:05)
    9. Mr. So Damn Fine (4:57)
    10. Hypnotic Love (5:08)
    11. Scat World (3:57)
    12. Where Have You Been (4:30)


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