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    MediaChance Dynamic Auto Painter Pro v4.2.0.1 Incl Keygen-BEAN | 127.7 MB

    Dynamic Auto-Painter (DAP) is a world-class leading software to automatically turn a photo or a 3D rendering into a great looking painting inspired by some of the most famous real world artists


    This is not your ordinary photo-to-painting effect! Instead of changing
    the pixels of the photo itself, DAP uses the input image only as a guide
    to paint the scene with many different brushes and guided by real-world
    artists inspired techniques

    We spent years of researching the technique of famous painters in order
    to be able to closely mimic their style of painting, something which has
    never been successfully done in an automatic computer painting program

    Looks like a real painting
    One thing that puts DAP above others is that the output images will look
    like a painting even in small size (for example resized on web or
    looking from a distance when printed). This is normally a common
    deal-breaker with all automatic filters which when resized down will
    look simply like a processed photo

    Looks like a painting up-close
    Looking at details you may think we are showing you a real canvas. An in
    some sense it is actually true. There is an option in the software
    called Real Canvas that simulates the way a real canvas or artistic
    paper interact with the paint. There is enough details even for a
    largest print

    Never paints the same image twice
    Not only do you have a large variety of painter styles, you can choose
    different impressions and palettes. However even with the same settings
    the brush strokes will differ from one image to another as would do with
    a real painter

    The new version is a fully mature professional software that adds many
    tools and presets for ultra realistic complex details and brushworks
    With the right subject, it is capable of producing large, highly
    detailed paintings that look real and organic while still keeping a
    distinguishable style of a real painter

    With the new Outline, Layers, Material and Real Lights the canvas become
    truly alive with scratches, dried paint and bumps. Great for application
    where close-up detail is important such as very large prints


    Just unpack&install. Use included keygen to make valid unlock code(s)



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