Melvyn Bragg On Class And Culture S01E03 HDTV X264-FTP

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    Melvyn Bragg On Class And Culture S01E03 HDTV X264-FTP


    Melvyn Bragg on Class & Culture (2012-)
    Genre: Documentary
    Directed By: Robert Bee
    Cast: Melvyn Bragg, Pat Barker, T.S. Eliot
    Storyline: Lord Bragg presents a personal examination of the British obsession with class, seeing it through his own eyes as a working class boy turned member of the gentry, and reflecting on its evolution & relevance in the nation as a whole.

    Judging from the knowing chuckles, Melvyn Bragg is on
    home territory tonight. The second part of his densely
    packed discussion on the relationship between class and
    culture hits the Fifties and Sixties, that transformative time
    during which Bragg himself came of age. Bragg is
    careful not to suggest that the post-war cultural revolution
    really damaged the class system; rather, class hierarchy
    remained a constant shadow. But the programme s
    energetic tone emphasises the growing cultural
    mobility between the classes, as literature, music and TV




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