Metal Skin (1994)

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    Rating: 6.4/10 200 votes
    Runtime: 112
    Language: English
    Country: Australia
    Color: Color

    Director: Geoffrey Wright
    Aden Young ... Joe
    Tara Morice ... Savina
    Nadine Garner ... Roslyn
    Ben Mendelsohn

    Description: Having just watched Wolf Creek again on DVD, the idea of another Australian thriller was very appealing to me, especially one that came from mind and pen of Romper Stomper creator Geoffrey Wright. The synopsis for Metal Skin is a bit vague, so I really didn't know what to expect going in, but having it seen it now I can understand why it's so difficult to pin this movie down.

    The story's main focus is on Joe (Young), a suburban youth who's just got a job at the local grocers. On his very first day, while wandering around he store, he happens up on a carnal act being performed by Dazey (Mendelsohn), who he later learns is actually the boyfriend of one of the most beautiful girls Joe's ever seen, Roslyn (Garner). Dazey asks Joe to keep what he's seen between them ("things happen, man"), and soon a friendship based on their mutual love of cars is formed.

    Ah, yes, cars. Though both Joe and Dazey are car freaks, souping up their rides and taking part in late night, illegal street races, Metal Skin is not just about cars. Indeed, cars serve as the only thing about these characters they can use to relate to one another, be it Roslyn’s fear of them (caused by the accident she was in with Dazey, in which he was going to fast and she ended up with horrible burns), or the Satan-worshiping Savina’s sudden attraction to them, (mainly to do with her obsession with Dazey), cars are the only common ground the four central characters have.

    Joe invites Savina to the illegal drag races with them one night, thinking she might like him, but she goes along with it because she’ll finally be able to spend time with Dazey. Joe ends up getting too drunk and scaring Savina away, and in the morning stumbles upon Dazey and Savina in a very compromising position, setting in motion a horrific turn of events that culminates with one of the most beautifully filmed, devastating car chases I've ever seen.

    The entire story is very Shakespearian in its depiction of tragedy touching the lives of all four central characters with varying degrees of destruction resulting from it. No one comes out at the end unscarred and some relationships are ruined forever. This is primarly due to these character’s complete inability to interact with one another on pretty much any level, as each of them feels they need to be saved in one way or another. Savina thinks that is she prays to the devil long enough, Dazey will love her and she will be taken from her strict religious home. Roslyn sees changing her appearance and the people she hangs out with as the only way to make her scars heal. Joe just wants to make a lot of money so he can take care of his father, who has the mentality of a child, and live comfortably. Dazey want his family to accept him and for Roslyn to forgive him, but can’t seem to keep his libido in check for long. When these four come together, each private agenda clashes with the other and nothing good at all comes of it.

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