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    This box set was released only in Latin American stores and soon in
    Online Store starting sometime the week of December 7 but the show is worth
    to be shared worldwide.

    Is named "Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria: Tres Noches En La Ciudad de Mexico"
    ("Pride, Passion, and Glory: Three Nights in Mexico City" and comes with
    2 CD's and 2 DVD's covering 34 different songs played on three sold out shows
    at Foro Sol Stadium with over 155,000 people (me included, lol) over three nights
    on June 4, 6 and 7th.

    10 years was a long await but with something like this was not bad...

    Greets from Mexico

    By Moyo Lu. Ca.

    Deluxe Version

    DVD #1
    The Ecstasy Of Gold
    Creeping Death
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Ride The Lightning
    Disposable Heroes
    Broken, Beat & Scarred
    The Memory Remains
    Sad But True
    The Unforgiven
    All Nightmare Long
    The Day That Never Comes
    Master Of Puppets
    Fight Fire With Fire
    Nothing Else Matters
    Enter Sandman
    The Wait
    Hit The Lights
    Seek & Destroy

    DVD #2
    That Was Just Your Life
    The End Of The Line
    Holier Than Thou
    Trapped Under Ice
    Turn The Page
    The Prince
    No Remorse
    Wherever I May Roam
    Harvester Of Sorrow
    Fade To Black
    ...And Justice For All
    Dyers Eve


    Full DVD 9 x 2 All Included
    Artist.....: Metallica
    Album......: Orgullo, Pasion Y Gloria: Tres Noches En La Ciudad De Mexico
    Type.......: Live DVD
    Genre......: Metal
    Url........: 05.12.2009 01.12.2009
    Format.....: NTSC-DVD9
    Video......: 720x480
    Audio......: PCM 2.0 / DTS 5.1
    Language...: English
    Subtitles..: English, Spanish & Portuguese
    Extras.....: Untouched
    Size.......: 14.4 GB
    Lenght.....: DVD1: 125:05 DVD2: 100:16

    DVD 1

    Format : DVD9

    DVD 2
    Rapidshare Links Of DVD2
    Both DVDs 9 in One single Folder

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    thanks, but how do you extract disc 1 and what is the password for disc 2?
  3. dvd2org

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    Try Magic-ISO to convert it to an .ISO file and then mount it to a DVD (magic-ISO ultra-ISO or whatever) good luck!

    Pasword DVD2=rick_torr
  4. ionescu

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    I cannot mount DVD1 with magic ISO or with power ISO! It result the same list of files with the same extension and cannot view! Please help me!
    Thanks for DVD2!
  5. dvd2org

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    New Links Added
  6. Lupino

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    extract with HOZ
    HOZ - Descargar

    THX x shared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26/01/10 in Chile, yeeah!
  7. andymalyn

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    Any chance of RS disk 2? :)
  8. breadfan

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    thanks for the suggestions, found the instructions from the torrent info
  9. ionescu

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    What kind of file are in DVD1 (DVD9) from 30 to 39?!!! In JDownloader it looks like older files!
    Can you fix this post, please, becouse I download first set of files and now when I want to download new set of files for DVD1 (DVD9) it's the same problem! I am borred! I give up! Wasted time!
  10. andymalyn

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    If you unpack the first rar file with winrar it will unpack into a folder titled disk one. Or something it does work, what I don't understand is why he xxxxxxxx disk one with R/S and disk two with M/U!!!:triniti:
  11. dvd2org

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    Happy New Year :girl_cray2:
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    thanks for this one. Do you have just the english subtitles by itself for download?
  13. NickNiav

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    Thanx a lot! Great post!

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