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    Microsoft Office (2016) Applications

    Microsoft Office 2016 the best package of applied programs for working with documents of various types. It includes the best tools for business development, as well as to achieve maximum comfort in the learning process, manage household finances and other things. Whether it be in business or home environments, it does not matter, Office 2016 must be installed on the computer of any self respecting user who uses PC not only for entertainment. Efficient and convenient to use tools will help simple home users and small businessmen greatly enhance their productivity in all their Affairs, ranging from email, scheduling and ending the day informative reports and stunning presentations.

    Available applications:

    Microsoft Access 2016
    In Microsoft Excel, In 2016
    Microsoft Outlook 2016
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
    Microsoft Publisher 2016
    Microsoft Word 2016
    In Microsoft Project Professional 2016
    Microsoft Visio Professional 2016


    Microsoft Word 2016 new version of word processor with advanced features to create documents. Word 2013 provides additional paperwork. To insert an online video, open a PDF and edit the content, align pictures and diagrams became much easier. The new reading mode is easier and does not distract your attention, and also works great on tablets. In addition, improved collaboration features: added direct connection to the web storage and simplified functions of reviewing, in particular fixes and adding notes.

    Microsoft Excel 2016 a dynamic business tool to make the right decisions on the results of the analysis of the available data with advanced tools and features. In the first place stands the new look Excel. He spared from unnecessary details, but also designed for quick Pro results. Added many features to help navigate in large amounts of numbers and draw more persuasive pictures of data, leading to better decisions.

    2016 Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful program to create presentations, including portable, with advanced transitions, animation support, audio and video вЂ" even in high resolution. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 has a more intuitive interface adapted to your tablet PC and touch screen phones. Speaker mode is automatically configured in accordance with parameters of the projector, and you can even use this on a single monitor. Themes now have several options, which simplifies the design, and when combined you can add comments to ask questions or request feedback.

    Microsoft Outlook to 2016 e-mail client with an expanded set of new tools, support for various Web services and social networks. When you open Outlook, you'll notice its new appearance. Now he's more succinct, which will help you to focus on the main submissions email, calendars and contacts.

    2016 Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use utility for creating and forming of marketing materials and publications professional-quality printing and distribution by mail. Improved user interface, editing photographs, navigation through the document. Microsoft Publisher 2013 offers new ways to work with photos, allowing you to move them, swap and add visual pop to your publications with new picture and text effects.

    Microsoft Access 2016 an improved version of the database with improved logic programming integration with the business data catalog (BDC, Business Data Catalog), 25 quality templates. Web application Access 2013 is a new type of database that you build in Access, then use and publish the SharePoint application to share in the web browser. To create a web application, you only need to choose the type of data that you plan to track (contacts, tasks, projects, etc.). Access creates the database structure with views to add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands already built in, so you can immediately start using your web application.

    2016 Microsoft Project Professional helps you easily manage projects and collaborate with employees from almost anywhere. Organize your time and do not lose control over their projects through a single project management system created to work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services.

    Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 provides a set of new features that make creating more visual diagrams вЂ" including new and updated shapes and stencils, improved effects and themes, as well as the function of co-authorship, which simplifies the work in the team. In addition, it is possible to make the chart more dynamic linking forms with data in real-time and open access via the browser using Visio services in SharePoint, even if other users have not installed Visio.

    The new features of Microsoft Office 2016:

    Whats new in Word 2016:

    Functional search. With the advent of the Ribbon interface, users began to complain on the forums Microsoft Office that can't first try to find the right function. A new "Assistant" in Office 2016 addresses the issue through effective search: in the input line assistant you need to specify the question in free form, for example, "How to insert a footnote?" and the assistant gives you a direct link to function.
    The online guide. Office 2016 is optimized in function of the repertoire. With the help of selecting "Magnifier" Word searches in the search engine Bing, the definition of the desired concept. Practical: the phrase is used as context to find the most suitable for this concept results. Such an instrument was only in Office 365 Online and now offline version and got a useful search engine.
    Reading mode for your tablet. Among the optimized for devices with touch display tools were the new read mode in Word, although only in "Office for Windows 10". Also have the option to enable full screen mode for a text editor. The user can turn pages using swipe. Convenient: if you want to be able to block on-screen keyboard so it does not pop up each time you touch display.

    Whats new in Excel 2016:
    Smart choice. In Excel, people who use touch screen device that can pick up only a simple cell. When you touch a cell, Excel tries to recognize the type of the created user table and offer to integrate an interactive table.
    The recommended regimen. In 2016 Microsoft Excel offers users the touch screens feature "recommended circuit". On the basis of the selected cells, Excel automatically displays the corresponding circuit, which greatly saves time.
    Advanced pivot tables. In version 2016 now supports advanced Excel pivot tables, a data source can be a variety of Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, the appearance adapts to the new tables.

    Whats new in PowerPoint 2016:
    Notes with the stylus. In PowerPoint, the user may 2016 in full-screen mode to make notes with a stylus. In the end, he decides whether to keep the device for more information on the slides.
    The change of format. In the new version of PowerPoint for Windows 10 the format of some objects is now much easier to apply to other objects: when you click a popup menu appears with the appropriate command.
    Data protection for administrators. Using "data loss prevention" administrators will be able to specify the conditions under which PowerPoint presentations can be xxxxxxxx to the network. So happens to prevent data leakage.

    Whats new in Outlook 2016:
    Automatically custom size. When you resize the Outlook window now changes the look of the program itself. When a small window is reminiscent of the Outlook app for cell phones with the back button.
    Improved synchronization. In earlier versions automatically synchronize all emails older than a month. In version 2016 finally the user can set the required period.
    Automatic orientation. Outlook now correctly displays photos taken on your mobile device. To do this, the program recognizes nested in the pictures information about their situation.

    Version features:

    Original images Microsoft Office 2016 VL [x86, x64]
    The official update is not built in, otherwise the app size is comparable to the size of the whole package
    Activators provided separately
    There is a choice of the installation site.
    Installing the program runs fully visible (original) mode.
    Interface languages: Russian, English
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