Might and Magic Heroes VI Gold Edition-SKIDROW

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    Description: The Strategy / RPG series is back in a new legendary enhanced edition, featuring the critically acclaimed Heroes VI, two original Adventure Packs and the majestic Townscreens. Live an epic story where Angels plot to end, once and for all, an unfinished war with their ancient rivals, the Faceless. Control the destiny of the Griffin family in this chaotic period. Crag Hack, the famous barbarian, has been hired to defeat a sinister cult. It’s time again for this legendary Hero to be called out of retirement and embar on a new and perilous adventure. Control the destiny of Sandro, the greatest villain of Might & Magic, as he defies men and Dragon Gods, carefully planning events that will change Ashan forever.


    • Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes gameplay in a new enhanced premium edition
    • Experience the unique mix of Turn-Based Strategy & RPG: Explore extra-large adventure maps, collect resources and build extraordinary cities. Perfect your tactics to level-up your heroes, recruit troops & lead them to combat on tactical battle maps
    • Shape your destiny: Lead the Heroes of the Griffin dynasty through an intriguing scenario. Choose your path between Blood & Tears, assume your choices and customize your gaming experience thanks to a brand new Reputation system.
    • Unveil new secrets of Ashan: Experience two original and breathtaking stories starring two fan-favorite ôLegacyö Heroes, Crag Hack and Sandro.
    • Explore the past of M&M: The ancient world of VARN is back in the largest map ever created for Heroes VI.
    • Rediscover the richness of the M&M Universe: Discover fantastic landscapes and creatures from the world of Ashan.
    • Enjoy improved 3D designs and brand new Townscreens.
    • Share with the community: Compete with your friends using a new and intelligent, online community interface: The Conflux.
    • Exclusive map for the Gold Edition: Survive the infamous succession wars in this scenario based on the original Might & Magic world of ENROTH.


    Might and Magic Heroes VI Gold Edition includes the original game:
    • Might & Magic Heroes VI
    • Might & Magic Heroes VI Pirates of the Savage Sea Adventure Pack
    • Might & Magic Heroes VI Danse Macabre Adventure Pack
    • Might & Magic Heroes VI Exclusive new map

    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Developer: Blackhole
    Genre: Strategy, RPG

    Release Name: Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VI.Gold.Edition-SKIDROW
    Size: 7.85 GiB

    Extabit (1 GiB Parts):


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