Mirrors Edge 2009/Multi2/Repack

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    Mirrors Edge 2009/Multi2/Repack

    2009 | C | english/russian | Developer: EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 3.82 GB
    Genre: Action / 3D / 1st Person

    In this age of information technology there is nothing easier than to share this information. Addressee can call, write an email, send a fax variants weight. However, none of them are not suitable for the exchange of confidential data in totalitarian society Mirrors Edge. With the help of numerous agents and smart devices the government carefully monitors the information flow, so for the exchange of information used couriers, dubbed the runners. Your name is Faith (in translation from English Belief), and you a professional runner. Your element the sun shining on the roofs of skyscrapers, where government agents wander frequently. However, the current mission is fundamentally different from the ordinary order. Your sister was accused of a crime which she did not commit, and you have declared hunting. Now can not hide, even high above the ground, so there is only one thing run!

    Movement. For an experienced stunt by the nearby roofs of several buildings merge into a single platform just need to properly take advantage of the terrain. Jump, slide, proceed from the walls, walk on his hands, tumble, pull, run! You will receive a risky parkour at a height of several hundred meters the constant risk of falling downwards tickles nerves and exhausts soul in heels.
    Immersion. In Mirrors Edge is not the player and his character, there is only you a girl named Faith, running at breakneck speed on the roofs. Unique animation and first person view provides an unprecedented immersion into another reality. You will feel at hand rough concrete, feel the thrust at the feet of hard surface after a successful jump. The world shaken before his eyes, when you hang ups over the abyss, and the convulsive shudder, if you do not manage to dodge the bullet. Looking from the roof down, youll forget where you are in fact and become a shiver of fear, while adrenaline disperses on an organism.
    The Battle. you try to stop, but the skill, care and first class reaction will help to overcome all difficulties. Dodge the bullets, escapes from the blows, crush opponents sudden attacks, entice them to the edge of the roof and send down! Having seized their weapons, you can protect your life in a firefight.
    Deliverance. You Begun by God, gifted with a rare ability. You are a descent notice all subjects the environment that may be useful in the next trick. With such a useful skill, you can easily associate the individual jumps and somersaults in a harmonious series of graceful maneuvers. Run forward, without stopping, and the journey becomes a fascinating throw on sparkling roofs towards freedom!

    Features Repack a:
    Removed localization other than Russian and English / no recoded
    The choice of voice for the Russian version
    Set 10 minutes extra content:
    Pure Time Trials Map Pack There is an additional label for the automation of some popular bubnoplyasok nezapuske in the game (or a shortcut to start the browser games) , Since the connection of a modification of the DLC holds races from the original game, then the events of the DLC, the conditions for the discovery and personal record will be shared with the original

    System requirements:
    Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista / 7
    Video: GeForce 6800 with 256 MB of onboard memory and support Shader Model 3.0 (GeForce 7300 does not meet the minimum system requirements)
    Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
    Hard Drive: 8 GB




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