NitroFlare MMC ASA [All Regions]

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    MMC ASA [All Regions] | 5.59 GB
    Spare parts catalogs Mitsubishi ASA car markets in Europe, Asia, North America and Japan. It contains full information on spare parts and additional equipment for passenger cars and SUVs. In the catalog of auto parts has a search on VIN, model number, name and details of applicability.

    Europe Upd-367 (2014-05) General Upd 332 (2014-05) USA Upd 367 (2014-01) Japan Upd (2014-05)
    How to install: a) Open the disk image emulator any program (Alcohol, Daemon tools, UltraIso)
    b) Folder MMC copied to the C drive (on other disks will not work!)
    c) The configuration file ASAMAIN throw in C: WINDOWS
    d) For the distribution of ready-made labels on to the desktop
    d) Use!

    There is an unpleasant feature of the double-throw zapuska- message boxes when you start the label. How to be treated, unfortunately I do not know. Get Rid double pressing ENTER
    Extras. Information: On Win 8.1 X64 Win7 x86, and works fine. On other systems not tested.
    Well, like everything!

    [b]Download From NitroFlare[/b]
    [b]Download From xxxxxxxx[/b]

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