Mobster's Confession (1998) DvdRip

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    Mobster's Confession (1998)

    Crime / Drama
    Japanese with English subtitle (SubRip - srt)

    Rokuro Mochizuki shares honors with Takashi Miike as being one of the two
    most important yakuza film directors of modern Japan. Moving on from his
    award-winning Onibi, in Mobsters' Confessions he pushes the genre further
    by throwing the strict code of the yakuza straight out the window!

    Small-time con man, Jiro (Shunsuke Matsuoka), makes his living tricking
    small businesses out of large sums of money. In the process he acquires a
    helpmate Kumiko, a refugee from her stepfather's sexual abuse. But things
    start to get out of control when yakuza boss Kamewada (Shohei Hino),
    muscles in on the action.

    password: raktivist
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