Moe no suzaku (1997)

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    Set in the beautiful verdant mountain-top village of Nishiyoshino-mura in Nara, the film depicts the life of a family in this remote location. Due to the effects of economic recession, the timber village has become partially abandoned. One family, however, stays on: Tahara Kozo, the head of this family, together with his mother Sachiko, wife Yasuyo, young daughter Michiru and nephew Eisuke. Kozo becomes obsessed by plans to build a tunnel to improve the accessibility of the area. Construction begins, but is halted halfway through.

    Fifteen years later building has still not restarted, and the family is destitute. Against this backdrop, relationships within the family develop. Michiru starts to fall in love with Eisuke, who has been like a brother to her. Eisuke, meanwhile, finds himself attracted to his aunt. The death of the father forces the family to face reality. At the end, before everybody leaves the village, they watch together a film which Kozo had left as proof of his life. ...

    Naomi Kawase, who was born in Nara where the film is set, made her directorial debut with this film for which she also wrote the screenplay. In 1997 she became the first Japanese, and the youngest winner in its history, to win the Caméra d’or at the Cannes International Film Festival. In addition to this prize, she also won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

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