Mondo Meyer Upakkhyan - A TALE OF NAUGHTY GIRL (2002) DVDRip 347MB MKV Bengali 18++

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Faltu, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Faltu

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    Screen shots:



    Info Movie:

    VDO Format.............: Matroska
    File size..............: 347 MiB
    Duration...............: 1h 25mn
    Overall bit rate.......: 565 Kbps
    Frame rate.............: 29.970 fps
    Download Link:

    EnterUpload Link

    Fileserve Link

  2. dv1980in

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    eng subs available ??
  3. Faltu

    Faltu Guest

    embaded with the movie
  4. nk1

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    Gr8 work mate. RS or HF links would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Faltu

    Faltu Guest

    So nice of you but I dont have enough band width to upload it again in hotfile...... So please dont mind
  6. faizi_shah

    faizi_shah Guest

    hotfile links please
  7. torrentstorm

    torrentstorm Guest

    The fileserve links are broken.

    Where are the subtitles embedded? up my ass? it must be, because I cannot see them anywhere. So thanks for nothing.
  8. Faltu

    Faltu Guest

  9. torrentstorm

    torrentstorm Guest

    Thanks for the link to the subs! I received your pm, thanks also for that. I apologize for the harsh remark, but it's no fun watching a movie you cannot understand. :)
  10. Faltu

    Faltu Guest

    am also sorry...... actually i xxxxxxxx 2 different copies of this movie one is for people who knows Bengali and other for who don't....... any way sorry for your inconvenience.
  11. torrentstorm

    torrentstorm Guest

    Thanks Faltu. I saw the movie, but although I understood the story, I don't understand the +18 rating. Other than the movie revolving around a brothel, there weren't any sex scenes or even nudity. Felt just like one of those old Hindi films with heavy censorship. :)

    Thanks for the upload, though.
  12. torrentstorm

    torrentstorm Guest

    And this forum is full chocabecks; sometimes it works, and sometimes not.

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