Moon Over Tao: Makaraga (1997)

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    During 16th century Japan, a sword made of a mysterious metal is discovered that has the ability to regenerate 
    itself. The sword was found on a bandit, and news of the sword spreads across Japan. Tadaoki, the lord of the 
    Hans decides to venture forth and uncover the origins of the sword so that his people can make more of these 
    special swords for his upcoming war. Tadoaki sends Suikyo on this dangerous and difficult task. Suikyo, who once 
    worked for the Hans a long time ago as General of their great army is now a wondering monk who lives up in the 
    mountains in seclusion. To keep an eye on Suikyo, Tadaoki sends Hayate, Tadaoki's best samurai.
    They both decide to leave for the north where a band of bandits have been spotted. On their way, they will meet 
    Renge, a young orphan girl who lives in the middle of the forest. She will decide to follow the two heroes to 
    retake her sword that was stolen by the bandits. The sword was given to her grandfather before he died. The 
    three heroes finally find the bandits hideout. Kakugyo, a powerful sorcerer and the bandits' leader don't want 
    to cooperate with the demand of Suikyo and decides to keep the secret of the sword for himself. Meanwhile 
    elsewhere, three female aliens from another planet are searching the region for the Makaraga, a destructive 
    biological weapon banned from their homeland. 
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