NitroFlare Mootzoid emPolygonizer5 v5.203 for Maya.2012-2016

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    Mootzoid emPolygonizer5 v5.203 for Maya 2012-2016 | 9 Mb

    emPolygonizer5 is available for Softimage, Maya, Modo, Fabric Engine and as a command line tool. This documentation covers all versions. Parts that concern only a specific application will be marked like this: [3D App].

    Some Features
    Multithreaded mesher core.
    Extremely low memory usage.
    Generation of 2D / 3D texture coordinates.
    Liquid Shaper (i.e. Principal Component Analysis) for smoother looking meshes.
    New normal vector algorithm for flicker-free results.
    Additional new "PCA normal" vector algorithm for non-blobby results.
    Capable of meshing dozens of millions of particles.
    Available as a plugin for Softimage.
    Available as a plugin for MODO.
    Available as a plugin for Maya.
    Available as a standalone program for command prompts (i.e. shells) (Windows, Linus, OS X).



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