Morning Departure (1950)

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    Dvd English

    Screen 720 x 480

    IMDB User Rating:6.7/10

    Director Roy Ward Baker

    Genre Drama


    Plot During a routine post-war mission* a submarine hits a forgotten electric mine* which explodes* sending the sub to the sea-bed and killing all but 12 of her crew. The captain of the Trojan* Armstrong (John Mills) gets eight out through the conning tower and gun hatch - but no more escape sets are left. Weak-willed Stoker Snipe (Richard Attenborough) becomes hysterical; Armstrong has to knock him out. After seven days of intense examination of the crew’s character under stress* a salvage ship attempts to lift the sub in a heavy storm* but a cable snaps* plunging the sub back to the bottom. Armstrong reads the two remaining men the Naval Prayer.


    John Mills ... Lt. Cmdr. Armstrong
    Nigel Patrick... Lt. Manson
    Peter Hammond... Sub-Lt. Oakley
    Andrew Crawford... Sub-Lt. J. McFee
    Michael Brennan... CPO Barlow
    George Cole... ERA Marks
    Victor Maddern... Leading Telegraphist Hillbrook
    Roddy McMillan... Leading Seaman Andrews
    Frank Coburn... Leading Seaman Kelly
    James Hayter... Able Seaman Higgins
    Wylie Watson... Able Seaman Nobby Clark
    Richard Attenborough... Stoker Snipe
    George Thorpe... Capt. Fenton
    Bernard Lee... Cmdr. Gates


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    many thanks for this* great movie...........:heyo:
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    gracias muy buena la pelicula aber si encuentro los subtitulos y puedo ponerla en español gracias de nuevo buen trabajo:megere:

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