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    Genres: comedy, romance
    Themes: ecchi, fanservice, harem
    Audio: japanese
    Subtitle: english
    Format: mkv
    Plot Summary: A year after Lala came to Earth the story from ToLoveRu continues. Lala is detrminated to make Rito fall for her, and she will put all her effort onto it, even knowing that Rito loves another girl. Rito will have a harder time since Lala's little twin sisters live in the same house, also Mikan, and Celine. They will have a lot of fun and trouble with their other friends from school and many others, with Lala's inventions, Yami's contract to kill Rito and many pending issues from season 1.

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    I will add the rest when its up.
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    All of the links are dead. Can you re-up please. Also, can you add specs? Thanks.

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