Mr. Forbush and the Penguins (1971)

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    Rating: 7.4/10
    Runtime: 98
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Colour

    Director: Arne Sucksdorff, Alfred Viola, Roy Boulting (uncredited)
    John Hurt ... Richard Forbush
    Hayley Mills ... Tara St. John Luke
    Dudley Sutton ... Starshot
    Tony Britton ... George Dewport
    Thorley Walters ... Mr. Forbush Sr.
    Judy Campbell ... Mrs. Forbush
    Joss Ackland ... The Leader
    Nicholas Pennell ... Julien
    Avril Angers ... Fanny
    Cyril Luckham ... Tringham
    Sally Geeson ... Jackie
    Brian Oulton ... Food-Store Clerk
    Salmaan Peerzada ... Ahaz Khan (as Salmaan Peer)
    Hugh Moxey ... Lord Cheddar
    Norman Claridge ... Principal

    Description: Life for Richard Forbush, brilliant scientist and conceited philanderer, is one long round of eat, drink and be merry. his enthusiasm for birds is more for the feather cut kind than the feathered but when his tutor urges him to go in for research by making the first detailed population study of a penguin rookery in the Antarctic. Forbush sees a chance to impress one 'bird' who so far hasn't fallen for his charms.

    However, on reaching the ice and Shackleton's derelict, ill-furnished hut, Forbush is desperately alone with only a radio telephone to link him with civilisation. When penguins begin to arrive in their thousands, he finds himself admiring them more and more every day until a time where, snowbitten and frostbitten, Forbush battles for his own existence and, thanks to the example of the penguins, manages to survive.

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