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    Plot : George Lopez plays Eddie, a lawyer who has had trouble connecting with his tween daughter since his wife passed away. He takes on the role of "Team Mom" at camp in an effort to be a better dad. The movie contains a lot of insults and taunting between Eddie's daughter's team and the "mean girls," but makes an effort to convey a positive family message.

    Eddie Aquinaldo (George Lopez) is a successful defense attorney with a reputation for being masterful in the courtroom - despite being slightly immature. When Eddie realizes that he hasn't been involved in his daughter's life as much as a father should he decides to prove himself as a responsible parent by attending her Spring Action Classic mountain jamboree as the Killer Bees' "Troop Mom"

    Director: William Dear
    Release Date: 2009 (USA)
    Genre: Comedy
    George Lopez ... Eddie Serrano
    Daniela Bobadilla ... Naomi Serrano
    Jane Lynch ... Ms.Hulka
    Julia Anderson ... CC Turner
    Elizabeth Thai ... Catalina
    April Telek ... Denise
    Pyper De Marsh ... Sam
    Jessica McLeod ... Paulina

    Country: USA
    Language: English

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