Mr. Wacky (2006)

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    Audio - Korean
    Subtitle - English
    Year - 2006
    Genre - Comedy / Romance / Drama
    Runtime - 97 mins

    Park Geon-Hyeong
    Kim Hyo-Jin
    Moon Ji-Yoon
    Kang Eun-Bi
    Lee Kyeon
    Jeong Wook
    Jo Hyeon-Jae
    Kang So-Jeong


    Mr. Wacky is a comedy from first-time director Kim Dong Uk. Park Gun Hyung, star of Innocent Steps, plays Ju Ho, a layabout playboy who spends his life chasing girls and staying out late. His grandfather scolds him for living life so carelessly, and sends him off to work. But he doesn't send him far. Ju Ho's grandfather runs a high school and so gives his wayward grandson the position of mathematics teacher.
    It looks like it is going to take more than this to sort out Ju Ho's life. The school is not exactly Ivy League - there are mounting disciplinary problems with the students, the staff are only interested in their paychecks and the police have received reports of corporal punishment! However, a young female teacher, Yoon So Ju (Kim Hyo Jin from Everybody Has Secrets), takes it upon herself to give Ju Ho some much needed guidance.


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