NitroFlare MTI Film CorTex Dailies Enterprise.2.0.3 b8235

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    MTI Film CORTEX Dailies Enterprise 2.0.3 b8235 | 99 Mb

    The CORTEX family of products includes solutions for on set and post with a fully featured dailies application with ACES and ASC CDL compliance, IMF deliveries, Dead Pixel Detection and Correction, MTI's High Quality 4K UpRes and Edit capabilities.

    CORTEX D.I.T. offers everything that's important on set in one simple package.

    CORTEX D.I.T. Plus
    Upgrade to CORTEX D.I.T Plus for expanded camera support and encoding to H.264.

    CORTEX Dailies
    Everything you need to generate high quality, on time dailies every night.

    CORTEX Enterprise
    Go beyond dailies with additional tools for larger facilities.

    CORTEX Transcode
    Incredibly fast transcoding of virtually any format used On Set or in Post..

    CORTEX Transcode Enterprise
    Power up your transcoding by linking multiple workstations together.



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