Munchies (1987)

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    imon Watterman, a space archaeologist, discovers the "Munchies" in a cave in Peru. Cecil Watterman, Simon's evil twin brother and snack food entrepreneur, kidnaps the creature. What Cecil does not know is that the creature, when chopped up, regenerates into many new creatures -- and are they mean!
    Monsters from another world come to earth and wreak havoc on a small town. Along with an appetite for humans, the creatures develop a taste for beer and fast food. Can anybody stop them before they wipe out the town's citizens... and restaurants?

    IMDB User Rating: 2.9/10


    Harvey Korman...Cecil Watterman/Simon Watterman
    Charlie Stratton...Paul Watterman
    Nadine Van der Velde...Cindy
    Alix Elias...Melvis
    Charlie Phillips...Eddie
    Hardy Rawls...Big Ed

    **Special thanks to the uploader who provided access to the source.

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