Musou Orochi 2 Special JPN PSP-BAHAMUT

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    Musou Orochi 2 Special JPN PSP-BAHAMUT
    Language: Japanese | Platform: PSP | Format: ISO | Region : Japan
    Year : 2012-07-18 | size : 1.37 GB
    Genre: Action


    Musou Orochi 2: Special is the Japan only PSP port of 'Warriors Orochi 3'. It includes every character and feature from the original game with a few additions.

    This is the next installment of the crossover series Warriors Orochi. The theme of this title is to present a heroic drama with several different characters. Various episodes of friendship, romance, and betrayal have been promised to appear. The producer thinks the game's features has "powered up" the story and action from previous games. He also replied that the title was created to appease fans' demands for another title.

    Continuity wise, this title takes place several years after the events in Warriors Orochi 2. The overall story for this title focuses on completely eradicating the Orochi forces. Many people have died during their conflict, and survivors seek to revert their deaths. Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors characters are also given the opportunity to return to their respective time lines.

    Rachel from Ninja Gaiden and Seimei Abe are two new additions to the original cast, These characters are exclusive to the PSP and will not appear as downloadable content in other games.

    Changes from 'Warriors Orochi 3'

    - Inserting saved data from the PS3 version will automatically unlock all of the characters right from the start. Players can continue from their PS3 data.
    - A new four player VS feature called "Battle Royale Mode" which is vaguely reminiscent of the multiplayer mode in Shin Sangoku Musou VS. Rules such as "Tactical Items" and "Competitive Missions" are included in this mode. Furthermore, players may choose to battle against the A.I. or themselves.
    - Downloadable content is free character themed wallpapers.
    - The open camp area from the console version has been removed and replaced with a menu screen.

    GameSerial...: ULJM-06097
    ISO CRC32....: C5C4332A



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