National Geographic - Inside Undercover In North Korea

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    National Geographic - Inside Undercover In North Korea


    UNDERCOVER IN NORTH KOREA No country on earth conjures more mystery - or fear - than Kim Jong Il’s Communist paradise. NGT offers a comprehensive look at the most reclusive member of the ‘Axis of Evil’, from the tense world of the Demilitarised Zone to the surreal life of the Dear Leader. We go inside North Korea with the very few who have gained access, including a medical team (with an undercover camera) - on a miracle mission to perform cataract operations to help the blind see.

    The Hermit Kingdom is widely considered the most isolated country on earth, led by a despot with a taste for the high life - and weapons of mass destruction. While most people think the Korean War ended over 50 years ago, technically, there was no armistice. A tenuous ceasefire protects booming South Korea, while the North remains on a war footing. And Kim Jong Il runs his country like a fortress prison. Real life there appears only in glimpses of propaganda or horror stories from escaped refugees. Satellite images compare night over South Korea, cities aglow, with North Korea, almost pitch black.

    With no Internet, one TV channel and few other outlets to fill their time, many North Koreans funnel their energy into dances and songs that celebrate the regime. But our team is determined to see real life. They’ve finally convinced their minders to allow them to visit the home of a patient. There are no family photos in the apartment, only images of the Dear Leader. When our team asks the patient what’s the most difficult thing about being blind, her son-in-law jumps in and responds, “not being able to see the Dear Leader with her own eyes”. This extraordinary programme provides a rarely seen glimpse into this fascinating country and sheds some light on the excesses of Kim Jong Il and the restricted life of his devoted citizens.”

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    i've seen this one on tv, the only documentary i've found that gives an inside look into north korea....shocking to say the least. i think we all take our freedom for granted....a must watch, thanks for the quality up mate....
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    I watched this on NGC and wanted to record it. You've done that dude. Keep up the good work. More such Documentaries are welcome on Noth Korea.

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