National Geographic - Lost Civilization (2012) PDTV XviD AC3-MVGroup

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    National Geographic - Lost Civilization (2012) PDTV XviD AC3-MVGroup
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    Gobekli Tepe - One of the most exciting discoveries in Turkish archaeology this century. It currently stands as the oldest known Megalithic Temple complex in the world (9,000 BC). The site has numerous intricately carved T-shaped megaliths , covered with exquisite images if birds and animals. A rail-tunnel project has led to the discovery of artifacts proving that an ancient city is much older than originally believed. Some of the megaliths are estimated to weigh onwards of 50-tons apiece. Turkey has produced some exceptional and unique archaeological surprises that have forced us to reconsider the traditional view of prehistory in the Middle East. For a long time, it was said that civilisation began in Egypt but the discovery of ancient Turkish cities and industrial complexes, combined with evidence of skills and technology, geometry and astronomy, are revealing a very different picture from that prescribed in most history books. Discoveries include: The earliest evidence of metallurgy in the world, dating at 7,200 BC. The use of 'Mud-bricks for structures at 6,500 BC. As well as this, the underground city at Derinkuyu which was connected to four other similar sites, creating a potential capacity of 100,000 people.


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