NitroFlare Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 & Scratch Pro 2 v2.10 OSX-PiTCHSHiFTER

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    Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 & Scratch Pro 2 v2.10 OSX-PiTCHSHiFTER | 406MB
    TRAKTOR PRO 2 is the world-renowned, rock-solid 4-deck DJ software that gets you mixing straight out the box. Now with TRAKTOR 2 Technology Inside for enhanced ease-of-use, performance and creativity, this version boasts a new interface with TruWave colored waveforms for a visually rich experience of your music. Simpler than ever to use, TRAKTOR PRO 2 also sees the arrival of the new Sample Decks and Loop Recorder features for ultimate mix creativity...

    What's New in TRAKTOR 2.10.0
    TRAKTOR 2.10.0 introduces two new features and a set of bug-fixes as follows:
    1. Support for the new TRAKTOR KONTROL S5
    TRAKTOR 2.10.0 is the first version to include support for the new TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 controller. Please see the KONTROL S5 documentation for a description of the features and workflows. In order to support the KONTROL S5, TRAKTOR 2.10.0 also comes with the required Controller Editor update.

    2. Aux Input now supports 2 Stereo Inputs
    The KONTROL S5 has both a Microphone and Aux Line Input which both feed through the "AUX" knob in TRAKTOR. In order to support both inputs simultaneously, the Aux Input section of the "Input Routing" preference page now supports two simultaneous inputs which are summed together and fed to the "AUX" knob. Though this addition was required for KONTROL S5 support, the feature is available for all users.

    3. Fixed an issue with legacy Scratch Certified devices
    In TRAKTOR 2.9.0, Scratch support was broken for some of the legacy Scratch Certified devices, such as the Korg Zero4. This issue has now been fixed.

    4. Fixed Remix Deck Tempo Control from KONTROL S8 & D2
    In TRAKTOR 2.8.1, a bug was introduced that sometimes made the BPM adjustment for Remix Decks via KONTROL S8 and D2 unavailable. This issue is now fixed.

    5. Fixed TRAKTOR Freezes/Hangs with certain WAV files
    A problem related to ID3 tagging of WAV files which could cause TRAKTOR to freeze/hang has been fixed.

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