Naughty Stewardesses (1975)

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    Rating: 1.8/10 159 votes
    Runtime: 102 min
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Al Adamson
    Robert Livingston ... Brewster
    Connie Hoffman ... Debbie
    Richard Smedley ... Cal
    Donna Young ... Margie (as Donna Desmond)
    Marilyn Joi ... Barbara (as Tracy King)
    Sydney Jordan ... Jane
    Al Richardson ... EV
    Jerry Mills ... Mike
    Sandy Carey ... Diane (as Mikel James)
    Addison Randall ... Scott
    Sean Graver ... Young Voueur in Opening Scene (uncredited)
    Sheldon Lee ... Cake
    Regina Carrol

    Description: Following the typical trend of re-marketing success stories the legendary drive-in team of producer Sam Sherman and director Al Adamson [Possession of Nurse Sherri (1977); Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971)] ripped-off the money making Stewardesses {3D} (1969) from Hemisphere Pictures and re-packaged the idea into this ", adventure-filled romp that goes first class all the way". Long before the ugly, fat and male Flight Attendants of today the airline industry promoted the idea that business men were a "mile-high" being "served" by beautiful sexy young women. It was the perfect time for a new genre in exploitation movie making. "...The lives, loves, and erotic shenanigans of four beautiful flight attendants both on and off the ground..." Although the plot and ad campaign had little to do with the chosen occupation of the four young women: Donna Desmond [Black Gestapo (1975)]; Connie Hoffman [Blazing Stewardesses (1974); Mike James [I Spit on Your Corpse (1974)]; Marilyn Joi [Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)]. Each of the girls met a rich elderly man [played by former Hollywood cowboy actor Robert Livingston / Once Upon a Horse (1958)] with the occasionally disrobing or breast shot as the big plot pay-offs. A young nutter and photographer / pornographer [Richard Smedley / Abductors (1972)] tries to kidnap the girls and hold them for ransom from the old man. His only reply to the demands will be the shooting of his load... Of shotgun shells, in a mountain side shoot-out with the crooks. One of the largest grossing films in the Independent International catalogue, Adamson was said to have second thoughts about the picture and called it an "...Eighth Avenue nudity picture..." Luckily for us he continued on this directing adventure and "...air travel has never been so exciting or so naughty..." The disc contains a rare erotic scene cut from the original movie.

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