Navajo Joe (1966) Burt Reynolds

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    Dvd English

    User Rating:6.1/10

    Screen Resolution 716 x 304

    Director:Sergio Corbucci


    Tagline:Navajo revenge slashes ...burns ...ravages the screen!

    Plot:Having massacred an Indian village* outlaw Duncan finds his men falling victim to a solitary rider* Navajo Joe. Joe saves two prostitutes who have overheard Duncan plot with Lynne* the town doctor* to steal a train full of money belonging to the bank. Joe steals the train back from Duncan's gang. He asks the townspeople of Esperanza to pay him to protect them from Duncan* making an offer of "I want a dollar a head from every man in this town for every bandit I kill". The townspeople reject him* as they "don't make bargains with Indians." Lynne's wife Honor persuades them otherwise. Joe sets a trap for Duncan but is caught and tortured; Lynne and Honor are killed. Rescued by an old man from the saloon* Joe again steals the train and eradicates Duncan's gang. There is then a showdown in an Indian cemetery* where Joe reclaims the pendant which Duncan stole from his wife when he murdered her. Both expire.


    Burt Reynolds ... Joe
    Aldo Sambrell ... Duncan (bandit leader)
    Nicoletta Machiavelli ... Estella (Mrs. Lynne's maid)
    Fernando Rey ... Father Rattigan
    Tanya Lopert ... Maria (saloon girl)
    Franca Polesello ... Barbara (saloon girl)
    Lucia Modugno ... Geraldine (wounded saloonn girl)
    Pierre Cressoy ... Dr. Chester Lynne (as Peter Cross)
    Roberto Paoletti
    Mario Lanfranchi ... Jefferson Clay (Esperanza mayor)
    Nino Imparato ... Chuck (banjo player)
    Ángel Álvarez ... Oliver Blackwood (bank manager)
    Lucio Rosato ... Jeffrey Duncan
    Rafael Albaicín ... Bandit
    Valeria Sabel ... Honor



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