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Discussion in 'Archive' started by acernet3, May 20, 2011.

  1. acernet3

    acernet3 Guest

    I want to post movies thread on that section but it says i dont have sufficient rights to post a thread
    please help me out
    how can i post ?
  2. jaya28inside

    jaya28inside Guest

    i guess you should read on this link.

    cheers! :D
  3. jaya28inside

    jaya28inside Guest

    i think u shud read on this thread.

    it is helpful, i guess... :D
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  5. JKNM

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    Nov 1, 2012
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    Me Too...Why I can't Post in any forum...Help please...
  6. Michealleo

    Michealleo Guest

    I think first u've needed some more posts to do before creating a NEW thread . Simply do some more post in existing topics then u will be able to creat a new thread. BEst of luck
  7. Alden

    Alden Guest

    This is very simple work and not difficult .
    You post your desire data on every where . But post your data that place which is suitable and best.
  8. dada23

    dada23 Guest

    Same problem :(

    Why i am unable to post
  9. Marnie

    Marnie Guest

  10. xsunx

    xsunx Guest

    just need to know the limit posts to be able to make new thread.
  11. Tereshechko

    Tereshechko Guest

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    Tereshechko Guest

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    Hi There

    Is this forum closed.
    If is, why somebody don't write that clearly?

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