Nemesis Game (2003)

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    DVDrip, English.

    Plot summary for Nemesis Game (2003):
    Sara Novak is an introverted college student with a few skeletons in her closet. Shying away from classmates, she prefers to spend time with Vern, an older comic store owner who shares her passion for mind games and riddles. But when the riddles she solves lead to the deaths of those around her, she realizes the riddles are more than a simple game.....

    Cast overview:

    Carly Pope ... Sara Novak
    Ian McShane ... Jeff Novak
    Adrian Paul ... Vern
    Rena Owen ... Emily Gray
    Brendan Fehr ... Dennis Reveni
    Jay Baruchel ... Jeremy Curran
    Vanessa Guy ... Marie
    Eve Crawford ... Lea
    Richard Fitzpatrick ... Tom
    Ron Pardo ... News Anchor #1
    Tony Munch ... Bearded Man
    Mike Kinney ... Doctor
    Philip Williams ... Police MC
    Victor A. Young ... Professor (as Victor Young)
    J.C. Kenny ... Reporter #2
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