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    Nero 2016 Micro Lite 17.0.5000 - FTP TR | 46.15 MB

    Nero Multimedia Suite is a software for Microsoft Windows and Linux, developed by Nero AG. The main component of the software is Nero Burning ROM.

    Although the CD / DVD burning tool in place although in mind Nero, you can take advantage of a comprehensive program for managing media files.

    Video, music, pictures, files to edit, manage, make it suitable for all types of devices you use for changing the format CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc in just a few of the process can save the program.

    Nero MediaBrowser
    Nero MediaBrowser within the program tool, a very practical tool to start the project with all the media files. You can drag-and-drop method at the project within the video, pictures, music files, you are ready to trade with.

    Format Conversion
    All media formats, especially DVD video, can be changed according to the device used. Or media files can be converted to a format suitable for DVD. Desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablet PCs, then becoming an indispensable feature of this program.

    Create Photo Albums
    Photo albums, calendars, if you want to prepare your own materials such as card image editor very easy to do this with Nero 12.

    Work with Windows Live Movie Maker project
    It prepared using Windows Live Movie Maker project arranged by transferring the program intact.

    Video Editor
    Create your video with the video editor in the beginning of the program. Work with ready EFET, merge videos cut. If you wish to prepare short movies and ready theme.

    Nero LIVEBackup
    Nero like 7/24 can back up your media files, you can control if you wish. So you will not have the fear of losing your most treasured photos.

    Disc Burning
    You can prepare disks can be stored for a long time without damaging the Nero burning feature dizk which is the main area of expertise. CD / DVD / Blu-ray is the most professional software can make use Nero to print disc 12.

    Computer DVD Drive (DVD Rip)
    DVD and Blu-ray movies with the help of easily transfer computer programs stored on the disk and run the media player you want. The program can be copied to a computer while maintaining the disc menu. This feature is only available for DVDs without copy protection.

    Supported Media Formats for Printing Process: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD ± R, DVD ± RW, DVD-RAM, DVD ± R DL, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL BD-R TL (BDXL), BD-RE TL (BDXL), BD-R QL (BDXL), BD-RE QL (BDXL)

    Supported Disc Formats: Data CD (ISO, UDF, ISO / UDF), Data DVD (ISO, UDF, ISO / UDF), Blu-ray data disc (ISO, UDF), SecurDisc CD / DVD / Blu-ray Disc Nero DiscSpan (UDF), Audio CDs, Mixed Mode CDs, CD-EXTRA, Nero Image (NRG), CUE-Image [Import] ISO Image, Video CD, Super Video CD, DVD-Video, DVD + VR, DVD-VFR DVD-VR [Import only] AVCHD ™ video, video BDMV, BDAV [import]

    Supported image formats: Bitmap (BMP), Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB), Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), Icon Image File (ICO), JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF), Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG, JPG, JPE) Picture Exchange (PCX), Portable Network Graphics (PNG), Portable Pixel Map (PPM), Targa Image File (TGA), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF, TIF), Windows Metafile Format (WMF), Portable Bitmap (PBM)



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