Net Nanny 5.1

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    Net Nanny 5.1

    Stops Porn
    Net Nanny stops illicit material from invading your child’s computer by filtering and blocking web content while they surf.

    Limit Time Spent Online
    Time limits give parents the tools they need to restrict the times of day their kids use the Internet and the amount of time they spend online.

    Stop Illegal File Sharing
    Net Nanny stops many different kinds of applications from communicating on the Internet. That way, parents can block "file sharing" or "chat," without knowing about all of the different kinds of programs available.

    Protects Personal Info
    Your private information is valuable to those who would use it to exploit your family. Net Nanny protects your information by filtering it out of the data that leaves your computer in e-mail, chat rooms, and on the web.

    Serial Number is included in the .RAR

    Net Nanny 5.1 - Anti Porn Site Filtering+Web Monitoring


    If you are interested say thanks
  2. thank you its really appreciated:m13:
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    you are welcome
  4. wpksortzfe

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    you are welcome
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    thanks alot...
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    thankyou nice program
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    thanks, at first i was little bit surprized by the name.....its really a nice share
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    You are welcome
  9. thank you my son can surely use this .
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    Thanks Vic
    Appreciate the share
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    thx this will be very useful for daughters laptop
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    thank you

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