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    Full Speed's Pro Boost 3.3 Internet Booster


    Publisher's Note:

    -Versis Full Speed™ is the best buy and best performing speed boosting software for all high speed Internet Broadband services.

    -Full Speed™ is free to try and will boost the performance of your computer with everything you do on the Internet.

    - Full Speed™ will also boost Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox as well as all Internet activity such as data download, online games, streaming video, web searching, page loading and even network performance.

    - Full Speed™ also has excellent visual and numerical speed tests to enable the user to see before and after performance improvements.
    -Full Speed™ is totally automatic and needs only one click and absolutely no knowledge to get instant speed improvements.

    -Full Speed™ is free from all viruses, spy-ware, contracts, pop-ups, trojans etc. etc and is in fact award winning software for being 100% clean and safe to use.

    Accelerate your downloads by up to 800%

    Instantly Get:

    1. Overall faster high speed Internet
    2. Faster download speeds
    3. Faster web site browsing
    4. Improve Internet and Intranet performance
    5. Quicker download times
    6. Smoother streaming music and movies
    7. Faster download for songs and video
    8. Faster performance with email
    9. Faster loading Web graphics
    10. Faster loading Web pages
    11. Faster Internet Explorer
    12. Speed test for Web site browsing
    13. Speed test for general data transfer
    14. Works for businesses or home users
    15. Improved VPN and WAN performance
    16. Increased peak download speed
    17. More consistent data transfer
    18. Better data flow efficiency
    19. Fewer corrupt downloads
    20. Works over networks
    21. Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers
    22. Works over wireless
    23. Smoother surfing

    * Tested on all Broadband technologies *

    What's new in v3.3?

    1. All the data download and Web speed tests, including 3rd Party independent online speed tests built in.
    2. Even easier to use straight from installation
    3. Pro Boost button for 1Mb and above broadband users
    4. More accurate auto' optimization for PPPoA or PPPoE
    5. Better installer procedure
    6. Further enhanced booster settings
    7. New Mozilla Firefox instant boost and tests
    8. New and instant Browser speed boost, tests and progress
    9. Even easier to read and follow when running for the first time
    10. New Refresh button action to ensure no temporary files or cached files are used when refreshing a Web page during the Web speed tests.

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    thanks for this
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    you are welcome..:)
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    thank you so much buddy.
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    I really need this where I live. Thank you so much Dawnz
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    It really does work thank you lotssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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    this would help others who need to accelerate their internet speed, to identify your internet speed reach here
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    this would help others who need to accelerate their internet speed, to identify your internet speed reach here
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    where is my post getting added
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    help ful
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    I tested the internet speed in the site IP : Internet Speed test it shows the low speed ..So i searched to boost the internet speed this is very helpful.

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