Nina's Tragedies (2003)

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    -Award of the Israeli Film Academy 2003 - Won 11 categories
    -Genre: Comedy/Drama
    -Runtime: 107min
    -Subtitles included: English. Spanish. Portuguese-BR
    -Spoken Language: Hebrew

    Sensitive 14 year-old Nadav is experiencing an intensely emotional time in his life. He has been asked by his wild, recently divorced mother Alona (Anat Waxman) to move in with his Aunt Nina (the luminous Ayelet July Zurer) to help comfort her following the death of her husband in a terrorist attack. Nadav is happy to comply since he has a hopeless crush on his stunning aunt. Through his eyes, we share Nina's pain over the death of her husband, her joy at the kindling of a new romance, and her discovery that finding true happiness is never as easy as it seems.

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