Nitro Circus Season 1 DVDRip - Complete Season

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    Nitro Circus revolves around the world's greatest freestyle motocross rider Travis Pastrana and his crew of top action sport athlete buddies and enablers. Imagine if Evel Knievel and eight of his equally insane buddies had a television show where they tried to top each other's stunts week after week. That's Nitro Circus. Whether they are trying to back-flip a motorcycle over a ravine, jump out of a plane without a parachute, or jump a Big Wheel 40-feet into the air into a crowded boat dock, Travis and his gang of nuts are going at it hard, 24/7, and there is no downtime -- it's just fast, faster and disaster. The Nitro Circus crew is a group of tight-knit, highly-skilled, adrenalin-addicted friends always take the action "to 11" with the hammer down. There's Gregg Godfrey, who is the resident film director, although he's often in on the action, too, while Tenacious J is the house producer and schizophrenic..

    Season 1


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