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Discussion in 'Archive' started by bayu_inzaghi, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Jan 20, 2013
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    Dear Divxturka members.

    We are all aware about the posting problem that you have and that a screen dispays that you have no permission to create a new thread.

    All we could say is an explanation will be made a.s.a.p.

    This is (problebly) a new regulation issue and before we could give you some more info, you have to wait a bit longer..

    We are sorry for the inconvenience..

    Divxturka staff

  2. kmarko

    kmarko Guest

    I just hope that this new regulation ll stop this dam spammers !
  3. r3dCl1tz

    r3dCl1tz Guest

  4. The spammers haven't really been that much of a problem. Put a button on the bottom or top of the post that allows us to flag them as spammers and it will disappear very quickly. Just like Craiglist it works very well.
  5. kmarko

    kmarko Guest

    Not quite so quickly .
    There was time when the auto spam boot was posting fake movies mostly brand new and even witch not been released yet , daily it was up to 30 posts with fake movies , the users been losing the brand witch and time be cos of that , especially new comers who did not know how to recognize them from spam.
    Reporting them did not help much , after reporting you had to wait for hours be for any admin come on forum and deleted them , but till that time , the boot posted more spam .
    The next day or hours later the spam boot was back with changed name accounts , mostly just few letters changed , and it was posting the spam links again .
    It was mad circle but luckily they are gone now and I hope ll never get back .

    Now there is other sort spam boots , spamming with adult sites or gibrish text mostly in General discussion but the system is the same
  6. pendel

    pendel Guest

    thanks for the info,hope everything will be back to normal asap
  7. mamg

    mamg Guest

    thanks.. everything back to normal
  8. pendel

    pendel Guest

    i still get the permission denied error
    guess i'll still have to wait
  9. radioguy46

    radioguy46 Guest

    I too am still getting the No Permission page. I tried to pm Hope90 but my message does not show up in the Out Box so I don't think my message went through.
  10. radioguy46

    radioguy46 Guest

    Thank you for the info
  11. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    hope90 is unable to fix and will only pass along any issues to xanax or pron1ck.... so to speed things up a bit, please bypass hope and send directly to pron1ck for these problems

    Good Luck
  12. pendel

    pendel Guest

    yeah,already pmed him,hope he will see my pm and help me with this permission denied
  13. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    So sorry you are not the only one, I am receiving lots of pms about the same, there is nothing we can do.
  14. radioguy46

    radioguy46 Guest

    Maybe someone in admin could post something to let us know what's happening. I have never gotten a reply to any of my pms and that's fine. I would rather the time be spent working on the problem than in answering personal messages. But, it would be nice to hear something. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
  15. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    Unfortuately we do not receive a response either and we have been appealing for months for them to repair the faults and they do not. There is nothing more we can do.
  16. hawxsex

    hawxsex Guest

    still can't make a new threat :(
  17. pendel

    pendel Guest

    yeah,it would be nice to atleast get an ETA,just to know that we will not be left outside
    well,seems like we have no other choice then to wait
    thanks to all the mods,who still reply to our mesages
  18. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    I am so sorry guys, there is nothing more we can do
  19. pendel

    pendel Guest

    the sad thing is that i see my threads,and my own uploads posted here by other user
    jeez,this sux
  20. saquu

    saquu Guest

    handeling big forum with more traffic get more attacks from boots so i hope the administration can get over on it as soon as possigble and they should need to get more staff like moderators super moderators so the burden wiill be lower on the team best of luck this forum

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