Nobody Knows (2004)

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    Rating: 8.2/10
    Runtime: 137 min
    Language: Japanese (soft eng sub)
    Country: Japan
    Color: Color

    Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
    Yûya Yagira ... Akira Fukushima
    Ayu Kitaura ... Kyoko
    Hiei Kimura ... Shigeru
    Momoko Shimizu ... Yuki
    Hanae Kan ... Saki
    You ... Keiko, the mother
    Kazuyoshi Kushida ... Yoshinaga, The Landlord
    Yukiko Okamoto ... Eriko Yoshinaga
    Sei Hiraizumi ... Mini-market Manager
    Ryo Kase ... Mini-market Employee
    Takako Tate ... Mini-market teller
    Yuichi Kimura ... Sugihara (Taxi Driver)
    Kenichi Endo ... Pachinko Parlor Employee
    Susumu Terajima ... Baseball coach

    Description: "Four siblings live happily with their mother in a small apartment in Tokyo. The children all have different fathers and have never been to school. The very existence of three of them has been hidden from the landlord. One day, the mother leaves behind a little money and a note, charging her oldest boy to look after the others. And so begins the children's odyssey, a journey nobody knows. Though engulfed by the cruel fate of abandonment, the four children do their best to survive in their own little world, devising and following their own set of rules. When they are forced to engage with the world outside their cocooned universe, the fragile balance that has sustained them collapses. Their innocent longing for their mother, their wary fascination toward the outside world, their anxiety over their increasingly desperate situation, their inarticulate cries, their kindness to each other, their determination to survive on wits and courage."

    Rar Password: none

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