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    Novo Tech Software 2015.09 | 234.2 MB
    Novo Tech Software Ltd., a leading software developer for civil and geotechnical engineering industry, presented Geotechnical Tools Software 2015.09.


    - LateraIK version 3.23.2012.1212
    LateralK is used to calculate lateral earth pressure.
    - NovoBPT version 1.0.2014.401
    NovoBPT is designed for correcting raw BPT blow counts (Nb) and converting them to SPT blow counts (N60).
    - NovoCPT version 3.32.2014.1209
    NovoCPT program is designed for interpretation of cone penetration test data.
    - NovoFormula version 1.41.2013.1127
    NovoFORMULA is used to estimate unknown soil parameters based on known parameters.
    - NovoLab version 2.52.2015.816
    NovoLAB is the most comprehensive geotechnical software for lab data management and borehole log drafting.
    - NovoLiq version 3.2.2014.910
    NovoLIQ software is designed for soil liquefaction analysis and supports variety of field tests.
    - NovoSPT version 2.79.2014.1208
    NovoSPT is a unique geotechnical software designed for correlating SPT blow counts (N) to various soil properties using 300 correlations.
    - PEYSANJ version 4.32.2014.515
    PEYSANJ is designed for bearing capacity and settlement analysis, earth pressure calculation, plate load test and pressure-meter test processing.
    - VisLog version 3.2.2015.126
    Use VisLog to convert your borehole logs to a 3D, interactive model of subsurface soil layers without the hassle of using expensive and complex computer programs.

    About Novo Tech Software

    Novo Tech Software Ltd is a leading provider of geotechnical software tools. Our Head Office is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In August 2008, we set a new vision to bring the geotechnical software tools to the next level by implementing the application framework that can host a variety of software engineering tools.

    This new vision leads us to incorporate Novo Tech Software to bridge the gap between geotechnical engineering and computer programming. Our team members have a full spectrum skills and experience from geotechnical, civil, IT, marketing and business development.

    Name: Novo Tech Software
    Version: 2015.09
    Interface: english
    OS: Windows 7even / 8
    Size: 234.2 mb

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