NitroFlare Oasys GSA Suite.8.7.50 (x64)

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    Oasys GSA Suite 8.7.50 (x64) | 105 Mb

    GSA enables you to analyse and design a range of structural models composed of skeletal frames and two-dimensional finite elements, which makes it the perfect tool for the ever increasing demands placed upon structural engineers.

    Originally developed in-house at Arup to meet their demanding and diverse requirements, its capabilities have been proven on thousands of complex and prestigious projects world-wide. These include the Swiss Re, Gatwick Air Bridge, Heathrow Terminal 5, Khalifa Stadium, CCTV Building Beijing, 122 Leadenhall Street, and the Angel of the North.

    Key Benefits:

    * Highly intuitive graphical data generator for rapid model creation and 'sculpting' of existing models
    * Extensive data checking prevents entry of invalid parameters across the model
    * A spreadsheet-friendly text file format, full copy-and-paste functionality, and data import in various formats including CIMsteel and DXF all contribute to GSA's reputation for offering excellent interaction with other tools on the engineer's desktop
    * Model size is limited only by the performance capabilities of the hardware
    * Display several graphical and tabular views simultaneously with automatic synchronizing across the views
    * Full on-line program help and logical user interfaces in a familiar environment ensure that minimal learning curves are required

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