Office 2003 Professional Edition

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    Office 2003 Professional Edition includes the following components

    Word 2003
    Excel 2003
    Outlook 2003
    PowerPoint 2003
    Access 2003
    Publisher 2003
    Business Contact Manager


    Word 2003 is the latest version of the best-selling word processor. You can use it to create impressive-looking documents and it will help you work better together with others.

    Excel 2003 is the latest version of Microsoft's spreadsheet program. It has powerful tools to analyze data, create reports, graphs and numerical results in a clear, yet impressive way.

    With Outlook 2003 you can receive and send email, and also keep records of all your contacts, schedules and timetables, as well as organising tasks such as group projects.

    PowerPoint 2003 helps you create presentations that have more impact. You can impress your audience with stunning graphics, animations and multimedia content that will make your presentations rock!

    Access 2003 is Microsoft's powerful database tool! You can analyze data, and build stand-alone applications as part of your studies.

    Publisher 2003 is the tool for desktop publishing. You can use it to create fliers, posters, newsletters and all manner of printed materials, including student reports.

    Business Contact Manager is an add on program which works alongside Outlook 2003 as a means of keeping track on contacts, appointments, phone calls etc. It is mainly of use in a business setting, but could be used, for example, in monitoring contacts in a group of students working on a joint project.

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    can this be used on vista?
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    Thanks but when installing it cand find a couple of files `portal` and i have to ignore to install, but once installed and trying to open documents it keeps asking for missing files??
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