NitroFlare OmniGraffle Pro 6.4.1 (Mac OS X)

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    OmniGraffle Pro 6.4.1 Multilingual MacOSX | 59 MB
    Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish.​
    OmniGraffle 6 is a completely redesigned version of the application, offering integrated Inspector and Stencil windows, a brand new Resource Browser to manage stencils and templates, new artistic Fill and Stroke styles, improved Shared layers, powerful Shape Combinations, better Image Masking and Cropping, and a bevy of other new features.

    - OmniGraffle 6 offers a complete User Interface redesign from the ground up.
    - Application resources such as Templates and Stencils can now be fully managed from within the application.
    - Improved and powerful controls have been added to edit and mask placed images directly on the canvas.
    - New artistic Fill and Stroke styles have been added: Freehand, Stipple, and Marker.
    - Line Labels can now be set to follow the path of a curved line.
    - The color and position of manual Guides can now be set by hand, and can be dragged from one canvas to another.

    - Visio import/export: Open Microsoft Visio documents (VSD or VDX) directly in OmniGraffle, as well as Visio stencils (VSS) and templates (VST). Export to Visio XML documents (VDX).
    - Shared layers: Easily update common elements that youd like to display on multiple canvases. Layers can now be toggled between a normal and a Shared layer.
    - New controls specify which edge or center of an object is reflected in the Geometry Inspector. You can set the X and Y coordinates of a selected vertex point.
    - Shape combinations: Easily create new shapes using combinations of existing shapes (with support for union, intersection, and subtraction). Combined shapes can now be uncombined into their component shapes.
    - Resolution-independent Display Scale: When zoom is at 100, match an Apple point, PostScript point, or screen pixel.
    - Photoshop export has returned, and supports the export of OmniGraffle layers to Photoshop layers.
    - Tables: Group shapes using tables, making it easy to add new rows or columns of your template shape.

    Whats New in Version 6.4.1:
    - Preferences - Trackpad Multi-Touch and Haptic Feedback preferences now reside in their own Preference Pane.
    - Inspectors - Fixed a regression where floating inspectors would not load on launch.
    - Accessibility - Fixed accessibility support for graphics to enable the define service.
    - Drawing - Fixed a rendering bug where selection highlight artifacts could be left on screen when rotation and moving groups.
    - Shadows - Fixed a regression where shadows set to cast on the layers below could be lost on a save and re-open.
    - Sidebar - Fixed a bug where a solitary shared layer on a canvas could be set to non-printing, but the printing control icon would not properly reflect that state.
    - Force Touch - Force Touch haptic feedback should now properly fire off when connecting directly to magnets on lines as well as when starting from one magnet to another on a single shape.
    - Force Touch - Fixed a bug where excessive haptic feedback could occur when moving an object with multiple alignment guides to consider.
    - Visio - [Pro] Fixed a Visio import bug where shapes would come in with the wrong fill color (usually black).
    - Visio - [Pro] Fixed a Visio regression where label text would be stripped upon import.
    - Visio - [Pro] Visio stencils that are opened but not moved to the Container will prompt the user for action after editing.
    - Resource Browser - Fixed a regression where adding resources to the Library via the Gear menu would not work.
    - Resource Browser - Fixed a hang when importing the entire Home Folder into the Resource Browser.
    - Localizations - The About Panel should no longer refer to OmniFocus in the French localization.
    - Stability - Addressed a number of deallocation issues after closing a document with floating inspectors showing.
    - Stability - Fixed an automatic layout related issue that could either crash the GraphViz engine or the application itself.
    - Stability - Fixed a crash when deleting LinkBack objects from a pasted PDF.
    - Stability - Fixed a crash when editing certain stencil files.
    - Stability - Fixed a crash when opening documents on multiple monitor setups depending on window position.
    - Stability - Fixed a possible crash when dragging stencils to the canvas.

    - OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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