One Eight Seven (1997) DvdRip

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    Format: Avi
    Language: English
    Runtime: 114 min
    File Size: 700 MB

    Trevor Garfield is a teacher in a New York City high school. After a student almost kills him in the hallway Garrfield relocates to Los Angeles, but the trouble starts again when he becomes a substitute to a class containing a tag crew by the name of K.O.S. Their murderous leader, Benny, tells Garfield that there will be no mutual respect between them. The tension mounts when a fellow teacher, Ellen Henry, confides that Benny has threatened her life. After Benny murders a rival tagger in cold blood and goes AWOL, Benny's tag partner, Cesar, takes over as class antagonist. Garfield is forced to play by the rules of the street in a pyrrhic contest between victim and victimizer.



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