Only Fools And Horses ALL Seasons+Specials+Lost Ep

Discussion in 'Archive' started by bilja84, Sep 17, 2010.

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    thanks a lot
  3. bilja84

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    Lost episodes added. Enjoy!
  4. badboy0

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    .......for most of the download links,everytime i winrar them,....half way through it keeps coming up with an error,..something to do with a wrong password!!!
  5. bilja84

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    You have pass-ripper or sevensity depending what you downloading. If you have problem with wrong password, try to type pass, not copy-paste. Everything working with me!
  6. xtc3801

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    thank you very very much!
  7. xtc3801

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    i've been trying to download ' Rodney Come Home (1990)' one of the specials but it says on a few of the .rar parts that they have been deleted??? . . . Please can you check out, thank you.
  8. xtc3801

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    In fact it's parts 1, 3, 4 & 7 that have been deleted from 'Rodney Come Home' in the specials. . . Please can u reupload that episode, many thanks!
  9. bilja84

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    Thank you. Now all parts working! Enjoy!
  10. Jimbocars

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    I have only started downloading these, and they are looking good, so a mega thanks for the share !!!
  11. baridino

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    one question...what about these "Lost episodes"...I couldn't find anything about them on they really a part of Only fools and horses...
  12. Yosh

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    nice one.. If im not mistaken this series are the british working class favourite comedy show in the 1990's, lots of cockney accent etc..
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  14. georgea0i

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    Thanks for sharing these what must have been one of the best comedy programs on the TV
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    the jolly boys outing dead links
  16. georgea0i

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    Good download but I Still cannot extract Rodney come home it is asking for Part 8
  17. bilja84

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    "Lost episodes" are part of Only fools and horses, but they were never shown on TV, never published!

    Yes,they are, first british comedy show!

    Thanks for repport, now working! Enjoy


    Ok, now I added part 8, sorry for this! I just forgot to add this final part:(

    That's all, If you have any other question or repport, just write and I'll answer it.
    And ofcourse, enjoy!!
  18. bilja84

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    I reuploaded every episodes, now working again on FSC...

    just one link to get what ever you want!


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