NitroFlare OO Defrag Professional.v19.0.87 x64 REPACK-DVT

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    OO Defrag Professional v19.0.87 x64 REPACK-DVT | 30.76 MB

    Don t let a slow computer spoil your work or fun! Let O&O Defrag optimize your hard disks and you can experience speed increases of up to 100%! Regular disk defrag optimizes your PC performance!

    When you defragment, the files that Windows splits
    up when saving documents across the hard disk are
    logically put back together again so that files can
    be quickly recognized and found by the read and
    write heads inside your hardware. Speed increases
    of up to 100% are not uncommon, and your hardware
    suffers much less wear and tear!

    Install Notes

    1. Unpack & install
    2. Import 'DVT.reg' to register the application



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