NitroFlare O'Reilly Media - Learning Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac Training Video (2015)

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    Infiniteskills - Learning Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac Training Video (2015)
    MP4 | AVC 499kbps | English | 1280x720 | 15fps | 5h 30mins | AAC stereo 125kbps | 1.42 GB
    Genre: Video Training​
    In this Learning Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac training course, expert author Guy Vaccaro will teach you the basics of word document creation.

    This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Microsoft Word is required. You will start by learning how to create documents, then jump into working with Word documents, including deleting text, highlighting text, adding strikethrough, and paragraph line and spacing. From there, Guy will teach you about page setup and print preview, how to insert tables, and advanced paragraph formatting. This video tutorial also covers automatic features, adding a header and footer, and SmartArt, images, and the drawing tools. Finally, you will learn how to work with and merge data, including using Excel as the data source, and how to filter the date before merging. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of creating your own Word documents with Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

    01. Getting Started
    0101 Welcome To Word 2016
    0102 About The Author
    0103 Word 2016 Interface Tour
    0104 Using The Working Files
    0105 How To Access The Working Files

    02. Creating Documents
    0201 Create A New Document With Or Without A Template
    0202 Entering Text Into A Word Document
    0203 Save And Save As On A Mac Or Online
    0204 Opening An Existing Document
    0205 Saving The Document For People Without Word 2016
    0206 Available Views And Document Navigation

    03. Working With Word Documents
    0301 Selecting Text In Word 2016
    0302 Deleting Text And The Undo Options
    0303 Inserting Mathematical Symbols And Special Characters
    0304 Changing Typeface Font Size And Case
    0305 Emphasizing Text With Bold Underline Or Italics
    0306 Adding Strikethrough, Superscript And Subscript
    0307 Paragraph Alignment And Indentation
    0308 Paragraph And Line Spacing
    0309 The Format Painter In Action
    0310 Paragraph Borders And Backgrounds
    0311 Introducing Bullets And Numbering
    0312 Customizing Bullet Shapes And Numbers
    0313 Cut, Copy And Paste In So Many Ways
    0314 Finding And Replacing Text
    0315 Checking Your Spelling And Grammar

    04. Page Setup And Print Preview
    0401 Paper Size Orientation And Margins
    0402 Page Background Color And Page Borders
    0403 Adding A Watermark
    0404 Previewing And Printing Your Document
    0405 Creating A PDF

    05. Tables
    0501 Inserting A Table
    0502 Entering Data And Managing Row And Column Quantities
    0503 Controlling Row Height, Column Width And Alignment
    0504 Merging And Splitting Table Cells
    0505 Formatting Table Background And Borders
    0506 Aligning And Text Wrapping A Table

    06. Autotext
    0601 Create And Save And Use An AutoText Entry
    0602 Editing And Deleting An AutoText Entry

    07. Advanced Paragraph Formatting
    0701 Applying And Using Multilevel Bullets
    0702 Using Drop Cap For Effect
    0703 Default And Manual Tabstops
    0704 Two Clever Tabs - Decimal And Bar
    0705 Use Of Tab Leaders
    0706 Using Columns In A Document
    0707 Adding And Removing Column Breaks

    08. Automatic Features
    0801 Overview Of AutoCorrect In Action
    0802 Disable Or Undo An AutoCorrect Feature
    0803 Adding And Removing Words From The AutoCorrect List

    09. Header And Footers
    0901 Adding A Header And Footer
    0902 Customizing A Header And Footer
    0903 Different Header Or Footer On First, Odd Or Even Pages
    0904 Page Numbering Customization

    10. Advanced Tables
    1001 Tabs Within Tables
    1002 Adding And Refreshing Formulae
    1003 View And Edit Table Formula
    1004 Header Rows And Not Splitting Data
    1005 Sorting Data In Word

    11. SmartArt, Images And The Drawing Tools
    1101 Inserting, Resizing, Moving And Deleting Shapes
    1102 Styling And Formatting Shapes
    1103 Adding Text Boxes And Text To Existing Shapes
    1104 Shapes Interacting
    1105 Aligning Shapes
    1106 Exploring WordArt
    1107 Inserting And Formatting Images
    1108 The Crop And Transparency Tools
    1109 Use Of SmartArt Graphics
    1110 Images And Objects Within A Document

    12. Working With And Merging Data
    1201 Mail Merge - The Basics
    1202 Using Excel As The Data Source
    1203 Filtering The Date Before Merging

    13. Conclusion
    1301 Onwards And Upwards

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